Managed Services for Improved Availability, Performance and Reliability

Managed Services Providers (MSP) enable organizations to focus internal resources on strategic company information technology initiatives while improving the availability, performance and reliability of their IT networks, applications and services.

MSPs can be cost effective sources to help companies improve service levels, reduce costs, improve employee productivity, while improving the management and planning of information technology resources.

In many organizations the proactive monitoring and management of IT networks, servers and applications is limited.  Many organizations take a purely reactive approach to managing technology responding to outages and problems as they occur. Unfortunately this approach has significant impact on a businesses core operations.  With proactive management many potential high impact outages can be eliminated through the use of trending analysis. Trending analysis and monitoring can identify degraded telco facilities, network bottlenecks, application or server consumption issues among other indicators which can be addressed prior to hard outages.

Well managed IT infrastructures ensure that IT investments are protected, applications are delivered on solid platforms, and employee and customer needs provided for. What is the true cost of service disruptions, degraded performance, repetitive problems on your business and its bottom line?  MSPs can provide critical services at a cost below that of many in-house operations and many times at significantly improved service levels.

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