Unseen but Common IT Workplace Risks

The problems that develop in workplace IT as an organization grows can be very visible—for instance, when the server crashes and everyone’s tasks are affected. But there are also many unseen risks present when management and IT have neglected to develop and/or implement important security policies and procedures, and these can have serious, costly consequences.

BE PROACTIVE to correct the hazards associated with:

  • Over-dependence on an IT employee (i.e., no duplication or knowledge management)
  • No email or data privacy from IT
  • No (or inadequate) backups
  • Insecure remote access to data by employees
  • Proprietary information stored on personal use devices
  • Poor habits of use on individual computers (clicking on email links, opening attachments, etc.)
  • No security awareness programs/training for staff
  • Access to sensitive data that is not logged and audited
  • Hardware located in insecure office areas

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