Serious Issues and Crises in Workplace IT

While slow computer functions, server crashes, and printing problems are IT headaches that shouldn’t be taken lightly, the frustrations that accompany these workplace annoyances pale in comparison to breaches of security that can damage your company’s finances, reputation, customer confidence, and even its legal standing.

BE INFORMED to avoid the serious consequences associated with:

  • Theft of company credentials allows access to email, online banking, wire transfer, etc.
  • Theft of personal credentials
  • Unauthorized access to business information and data
  • Extended outages
  • Computers compromised by offsite hackers
  • Website hijacked by remote attackers
  • Email account and contact list stolen
  • Loss of critical information due to insufficient backup
  • Disaster with no plan for recovery or continuity
  • Unavailability of single source IT provider when help is needed

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