IT Assessment Services – an NMS Solution

NMS IT AssessmentWhat We Do

No matter what product or service you deliver, it’s critical that your valuable business data is at all times accessible, safe, and secure. Information theft and compromise of sensitive business assets are serious threats that warrant top-level technical oversight and management. NMS provides on-site assessment services that will ensure your IT systems and practices put your business in the best position for continued success. Services can include:

  • Review of Current IT Systems and Practices
  • Technical Security Assessments
  • Best-Practice Protocols & Training
  • Data Storage and Disaster Recovery Plans

How We Do It

NMS Assessment Services provides an impartial expert review of critical IT functions within your business to help you understand its current state so that you can make informed decisions.   We will work onsite with your leadership and technical teams to thoroughly understand your organizational mission, activities, and existing technology systems.  NMS will assess the various components within your IT platform, such as applications, desktops, servers, networks, delivery mechanisms, and evaluate its security, overall performance, and applicability to your specific business and its stated goals.

Our non-biased evaluation is prepared in non-technical language as a clear, valuable information tool for your leadership team. Additionally, we will include a technical summary for your onsite IT personnel.  NMS will review the report with your organization to discuss findings and recommended actions, and to answer any questions.  We can provide follow-on services to assist your onsite IT team in remediation, or NMS can provide a turnkey solution to address all areas in need of improvement.

NMS will provide a fixed price quote for your Assessment, based on scope.