Managed IT Services – an NMS Solution

NMS Managed IT ServicesWhat We Do

Your business runs using information.  Server outages, network slow-downs, viruses, and other repetitive nuisances cost you time and money, and are frequently signs of improper maintenance.  To ensure that your IT system provides a solid foundation for your operations, it should be expertly managed around the clock, not only when an outage occurs. NMS provides remote oversight of IT to maximize up-time and efficiencies at a fraction of the cost of full-time staffing—while expanding technical capabilities. Management includes:

  • Servers and desktops
  • Internet connectivity and private networks
  • Email, databases, and fileservers
  • IP-based networks and devices
  • Security, program updates, patches, and anti-virus software
  • Data storage, monitoring,  and backup

How We Do It

Ensure that your company networks and applications are properly monitored and maintained with NMS Managed Services.  In collaboration with your IT team or as a third party solution, NMS provides top-level expertise, reduced downtime, and optimal management of your resources to improve your return on IT investments.

The state-of-the-art management tools we utilize to monitor and manage our clients’ IT environments are housed in a high-availability (5Nines) commercial-grade hosting center located in New Jersey.  This enables us to provide your business with exceptional service that has an extremely low probability of outage regardless of weather, power, or other potential disruptions.

NMS monitors clients’ IT systems, software applications, and technical services around the clock.  When service is degraded or an outage occurs, our team is immediately notified. We quickly begin work to isolate and repair the problem, keeping your designated point of contact(s) notified throughout the process.  Organization-specific agreements create a framework for coordinated communications and unsurpassed response, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

As part of Managed Services, we also provide your designated point of contact(s) with regular status reports for ongoing operational tasks, such as data backups, anti-virus status, operating system updates, capacity reviews of servers, disk space, CPU, networks, circuits, and other areas of interest.  This clear overview with non-technical summaries is designed to identify areas that may need your attention, improve communications between IT and management, and aid in proactive decision-making.

NMS managed services are provided on a fixed fee monthly retainer basis.