What a CEO should know about IT | Network Management Solutions

What Should a CEO know about IT?

  • Is our IT system an asset that is performing optimally, helping us work effectively and grow?
  • Is our IT system a source of frustration for our employees or clients?
  • Is our IT system causing us to lose time, money, or customers?
  • How secure is our network against potential threats?
  • Are we appropriately backing up data?
  • In a worst-case system crash, what data could we lose?
  • Are we prepared for a disaster?
  • How do we maintain business continuity in the event of an extended outage?
  • Are our personal and business credentials secure to protect our finances?
  • Do we have policies and procedures that limit and record access to sensitive data? Who monitors this?
  • Do we segment our company data and allow access only on a need-to-know basis?
  • Is staff educated about best use guidelines for PCs to avoid creating vulnerabilities?
  • Is email private and secure?
  • Can we securely work from remote locations?
  • How do personal devices (home computers, smart phones, etc.) impact company security?
  • What do we know about the knowledge and integrity of our service provider?
  • Does our IT service provider understand and care about our business goals?
  • What happens if our service provider is unavailable?