Maximize Office Productivity


Just Answer YES or NO to the questions below as applicable to your organization currently, and the Quick Quiz results will point you in the right direction.

1. Personal computers boot up, open documents, and change applications quickly.*

2. The company network is very fast and it’s easy to access data and information.*

3. Employees are consistently happy with our internet speed because access to websites and email is almost instantaneous.*

4. Our company server very rarely crashes and I feel confident it enhances our productivity.*

5. IT outages are not something we experience with any frequency in the office – they are rare.*

6. Our business computers never are attacked by viruses; I know we are well protected.*

7. Our email is totally reliable. I’m confident we always receive sent mail and never have trouble sending.*

8. Our interface between computers and printers works great. We have no printing issues from personal workstations.*

9. Junk email is very well filtered out so it does distract us and clutter up our in-boxes.*

10. Pop-ups are never an annoyance for us when we use the internet.*