Minimize Internal Risks

Just Answer YES or NO to the questions below as applicable to your organization currently, and the Quick Quiz results will point you in the right direction.

1. Our system knowledge is duplicated and well documented. We will not skip a beat if we suddenly lose an IT employee.*

2. I am comfortable with the thought that our IT personnel have access to all email and company data that is in our system.*

3. I know with certainty that we back up our all data frequently and consistently.*

4. When our employees access data from home or another remote location, I know that our data is still secure.*

5. I am aware of the risks associated with having proprietary data on personal use devices and I am comfortable with our policies.*

6. Our team is well trained about best use practices of personal computers to avoid vulnerailites.*

7. Our security policies and the controls we have in place give me great confidence.*

8. Our IT security training for our staff is excellent. Everyone is aware of possible risks, and vigilant in avoiding them.*

9. Access to sensitive data is limited base on a need-to-know basis, and this is audited. Management receives a report when there is unauthorized access.*

10. Our server, router and other hardware is in a secure, private location, away from the public.*