Prevent Outages & Breaches

Just Answer YES or NO to the questions below as applicable to your organization currently, and the Quick Quiz results will point you in the right direction.

1. I’ve very confident that we have security measures in place so that our company email, store, and online banking is safe from outside access and theft.*

2. I know with certainty that our network is secure and any personal information I have on my computer is safe. There is no risk my personal credentials could be stolen.*

3. I’m not concerned about unauthorized access to our business information and data because our systems are optimally secure.*

4. We never experience extended outages. Our server and network are completely reliable.*

5. Our computers have never been compromised by offsite hackers.*

6. Our website has never been hijacked remotely.*

7. No one in our office has had their email breached and contact list stolen.*

8. Our data backup is excellent, and we have never lost important information.*

9. We have a comprehensive disaster plan in place for fire or natural disaster scenarios that addresses data recovery and business continuity.*

10. In the event of a large scale weather event with multiple businesses affected, we have a plan to address the fact that our service provider may be unavailable for a long time.*